Spaces & Places: Mask Mitzvah Update

Spaces & Places: Mask Mitzvah Update

May 21, 2021

With the approach of summer weather and programs, we’re excited to be bringing you even more services, experiences, and value. It’s possible this is the most exciting summer we’ve ever planned for — all the more so as our community continues to emerge from this pandemic with optimism and energy for the brighter days ahead.

We have navigated this journey together, with patience and respect, amplifying best practices while making inclusion and safety our highest priorities. As circumstances change, and ordinances and guidance adjusted, these remain our priorities. We introduced the JCC’s Mask Mitvzvah for that very reason: we do the right thing not because we have to, but because it’s who we are as a community.

Following updated CDC guidance, supported by our internal decision-making matrix and in partnership with other governing bodies and subject matter experts, the JCC Mask Mitzvah is being updated in the following ways effective Sunday, May 23rd:

• Fully vaccinated individuals may use their own discretion when considering wearing a mask while visiting JCC fitness, recreation, or aquatics spaces.
• Non-vaccinated (and other otherwise at-risk) individuals are required to wear masks while visiting all JCC spaces; including fitness, recreation, or aquatics.
• In our commitment to partnering to build a healthier community – we trust our members and guests. If an individual is using JCC fitness, aquatics, or recreation spaces without a mask – it will be assumed that the individual is honoring our community’s Mask Mitzvah and is fully vaccinated.
• ‘Fully vaccinated’ includes the two-week period after an individual’s final dose (two weeks after a second dose for Pfizer and Moderna, two weeks after the single-shot Johnson & Johnson.)
• Gan Ami, JCC youth programs, and other community program spaces that engage families with children under the age of 12 will remain ‘mask up’ spaces. Should there be any change or recommendations supported by our partners at the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families, affected groups will be notified directly by those program leaders.
• Should a fully vaccinated individual move from a ‘mask discretion’ space to a ‘mask required’ space (example: moving from the Habush Fitness Floor to Gan Ami Whitefish Bay) they will be asked to mask up.
• The JCC may, based on individual program needs or audiences, identify spaces as ‘Mask Up’ spaces for all users. As an example, if a youth recreation program is taking place in the Marcus Gym, the entirety of the gym may be temporarily designated as a ‘Mask Up’ program space.
• Like all non-vaccinated members and guests, JCC users between the ages of 5-11 who have not yet received vaccinations should continue to wear masks throughout all JCC spaces, per CDC guidelines.
• There will be no change, at this time, to policies or preparations at the Steve & Shari Sadek Family Camp Interlaken JCC or at the Albert & Ann Deshur JCC Rainbow Day Camp. Should there be any change or recommendations supported by our partners at the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families or the American Camping Association, families will be notified directly by those program leaders.
• To ensure the safest & most inclusive working environment, JCC staff will remain masked while in public JCC spaces or in direct service to members and guests.

Even as we have the opportunity to revisit and update these policies — opportunities we have earned as a community by working together and prioritizing everyone’s health — we maintain our promise to treat each other with dignity, respect, and that unique JCC spirit.

Let’s conclude this journey in the way we’ve traversed it, by holding up and demonstrating the values that have brought us this far: kavod (respect), kehillah (community) and Tikkun Olam (repair the world.)