Personal Training

Personal Trainers

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Select from one of our 12 nationally certified, highly trained, educated, energetic,   fun, motivating personal trainers to guide you towards achieving your  fitness goals. For the beginning exerciser to the seasoned work out addict and everyone in between, we have a trainer that’s right for you! Additional fee and individual scheduling required.


Geared to the small group that wants a somewhat individualized approach to a fitness class at a lower price than 1 on 1 personal training, Group Personal Training is perfect for 2-10 participants. If you are looking to take your exercise routine to the next level and want the guidance and motivation of a personal trainer but on a budget, Group Personal Training is perfect for you and your friends! Additional fee and individual scheduling required.

The Big Melt Down

The Big Melt Down is a 12 week program that takes a realistic approach to weightloss and lifestyle change with the help of a certified nutritionist and personal trainers. Click here for more information about the two programs we have available or Contact Katie (Fell) Nickel  (414) 967-8269 for more information.


Our on-staff nutritionist, Elaine Harvey, MS, CN certified will work with you to  define and solve your diet and nutrition issues. Eating too many carbs or  sweets? Elaine can answer your nutrition questions and work with you to  analyze your eating habits. Then you and Elaine will design a nutrition program  that is right for your metabolism and lifestyle.


JFIT is high quality training with nationally certified personal trainers. These sessions will be fun, exciting, high energy functional training that will make you want to come back again and again. If you are ready to change your workout routine with something that is fun and engaging– JFIT is for you. Click here to learn more.


For more information about personal training at the JCC, contact Kris Anderson, Fitness Director at 414-967-8265. Also check out our bi-monthly Wellness Newsletter!

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