Milwaukee’s Jewish community is vibrant and diverse, and the JCC is right at the center of the action. Creating an inclusive Jewish community space means celebrating the values and traditions that unite us, rather than the differences that divide us. No matter if you grew up Jewish or are new to the community, you always have a home here.

Many area synagogues are live streaming Shabbat evening and morning services. Click here to find service links and many other COVID-19 resources from our partners at the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.

News & events

Passover Crafts with Rabbi Shari Shamah, Jewish Family Specialist

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Heather Spencer, Gan Ami Whitefish Bay Site Director

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Haley Butler, JCC Gan Ami Educator

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Kim Kuehn, JCC Gan Ami Educator

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Michelle Hoffman, JCC Early Childhood Business Manager

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Hebrew Word of the Day, Boker Tov