Camp Grows with Your Camper



Meeting new people, making new friends, taking risks, trying something new, failing, trying again, succeeding – these moments make going to camp a life altering experience.

At JCC Rainbow Day Camp, children gain more self-confidence, learn problem solving skills, and find a sense of accomplishment that will translate to other aspects of their young lives.

As children grow and develop, their camp experiences change.

Netzorim • entering K5
Our youngest campers are introduced to daily camp life, welcomed into the camp community, and given ample opportunity to explore all that camp has to offer in the safety and security of their small, group. “Netzos” get to do a little bit of everything while developing the self-help and social skills necessary to begin K5 in the fall

Alonim • entering 1st grade
As campers grow, so do their camp options! Alonim is full of more challenging activities and new experiences. 1st graders also have choices available to personalize their camp experience through one Choice Period.

Gadnayim • entering 2nd grade
These campers are now old enough to participate in Chugim (choice) activities for 2nd – 5th graders every afternoon. Fill your day with activities that interest you! Gadnayim campers are also invited to stay for one late night (undernight) per session. 

Shomrim • entering 3rd grade
Two choice periods each day allow campers to create the experience they want—fill the day with sports, crafts, and so much more. Our 3rd grade campers are challenged with advanced activities and new experiences!  Shomrim campers are invited to stay for one late night (undernight) per session.

Chalutzim • entering 4th-5th grade
Camp is a great place for older elementary age kids to unplug and experience a classic childhood summer. In addition to two choice periods, Chalutzimers have increased access to the activities at camp that are only for older kids, like laser tag and water trampoline. Chalutzim campers are invited to stay for one late night (undernight) per session.

Tzofim • entering 6th-7th grade
Ozrim • entering 8th-9th grade
Our middle and high school age campers, have a space all their own – the Teen Village. This special area of camp has its own GaGa Pit, Ping Pong tables, and gathering spaces for playing cards or talking with friends. Our teens experience greater autonomy, more choices, and increased challenges while also enjoying opportunities for leadership development. Laser tag, the water trampoline, and canteen are some of the favorite teen privileges.

Counselor in Training Program • entering 10th-12th grade
Our CIT program is open to 15-17 year olds who are interested in a fun and rewarding summer job. The program will bring together high school students from different communities within Milwaukee. The program offers leadership and job training while giving the students a fun and rewarding summer. All CITs will be compensated for their time. Application is required and limited spots are available. Contact Lenny Kass at 414-967-8289 or Shelby Kass at 414-967-8248.

Shiluv (special needs) • entering K5 – 8th grade *
The integrated Shiluv program allow campers to be mainstreamed with their peers while receiving individualized support from professionally trained staff. This can make a huge difference in their child’s success at camp. Extra support is available to campers with physical, developmental, emotional, behavioral, and language needs.

Bonim Leaders • entering 9th grade and up *
Day camp is the perfect setting for individuals with special needs who are currently enrolled in high school or beyond. This program helps develop leadership skills through interaction with younger campers, community service projects, and camp work projects.

Bonim Leaders Staff *
This program is designed for individuals with special needs who are ready for a more responsibility and leadership at camp. This group is responsible for running activities throughout the day for different campers as well as owning specific jobs around camp.

* Many parents tell us they feel like their child is a square peg, and everyone else is trying to make them fit in a round hole. At JCC Rainbow Day Camp, we want every camper to have a summer that fits their personal needs and abilities. In partnership with parents, our team develops a tailor-made program for each child with the goal of creating a positive summer experience. A parent interview is required prior to the start of the registration process for each participant in any of our special needs programs. To begin the conversation, please contact a member of the JCC Inclusion Services Team:
Jody Margolis | 414-967-8206
Sarah McCutcheon | 414-967-8198

Questions about Day Camp?

Contact Shelby Elias, Associate Camp Director, at 414-967-8248.

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