Four Year Old Kindergarten

Gan Ami Kindergarten prepares children with the readiness and prerequisite skills necessary to have a successful elementary school experience and transition. Led by a certified teacher, the program’s primary aim is to enrich the children’s learning while simultaneously building their self-confidence in the academic environment and immersing the children in Jewish values, which reflect universal human values.

Relationship building is a key component of this year of development. Within the classroom, children work on conflict resolution, sharing, and sustained periods of learning and group work. Academic learning cements early literacy concepts, such as rhyming and phonemic awareness, and is easily internalized through stories, poems, songs and games.

Children are exposed to the written word constantly and explore letters, words and language in a variety of experiences. Counting and the beginnings of number operations are part of each activity, which ensures that the children understand that math is a part of everyday life.

Gan Ami believes that they key to long lasting academic and personal achievement is through the strong emphasis on social emotional learning.

Children acquire learning dispositions such as perseverance and responsibility by:
• Cleaning-up
• Keeping track of their personal belongings
• Beginning to communicate their own needs
• Getting dressed by themselves
• Being aware of personal hygiene
Children learn problem-solving skills by:
• Sharing
• Asking for help, assisting friends
• Practicing conflict resolution
• Exhibiting self-control
• Working on coping skills

Classroom experiences are enhanced by weekly visits from specialists in the arts, movement and language. Each week our school community gathers together for Shabbat Sing.

• Music
• Visual Art
• Gym
• Swim
• Hebrew

Questions for Whitefish Bay?

Contact Amy Pequignot , Early Childhood Business Manager , at 414-967-8173.

Questions for Mequon?

Contact Karen Faust, Site Director - Gan Ami Mequon, at 262-242-9871 .