Twos & Threes

Preschool is a special time in every child’s life. It is a time for building relationships, making connections and exploring the world with wonder and amazement. The Gan Ami preschool curriculum is designed with the understanding that young children learn best in an environment which stimulates self-expression and self-discovery. Inquiry, the power of questioning, is a vital concept during this time that actually should take precedence over rote learning and memorization. Children need inspiration, time to discover for themselves and to delve into big concepts. Gan Ami teachers respect each child as an individual and strive to remain flexible with their curriculum and note the children’s needs, responding with changes as necessary.

Weekly Specialists

  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • Gym
  • Experiential Swim (3 & 4 year old classrooms)
  • Hebrew (3 & 4 year old classrooms)

Questions for Whitefish Bay?

Contact Amy Pequignot , Early Childhood Business Manager , at 414-967-8173.

Questions for Mequon?

Contact Karen Faust, Site Director - Gan Ami Mequon, at 262-242-9871 .