Time for Adult Swim

You never outgrow your love of swimming, and at the J, you don’t have to! Take a Splash or Aquafit class as a part of our free group exercise classes offered to members. Strap on your goggles and swim some laps. Private swim lessons are also available. Whether you are training for a race or just need to relieve some stress, water exercise is one of the best ways you can find your center at the J.

Lap Swim for JCC members
Find Drop-in Lap Swim times on our current Peck Aquatic pool schedule. Lap swim is also available outside in the summer months at the Hy & Richard Smith JCC Water Park.

Free Group Water Exercise for JCC members
Aquafit-Shallow (Level 1):
Cardiovascular, strength, and core work done in shallow water.
Aquafit-Deep (Level 2):
Cardiovascular, strength, and core work done in deep water.
Splash (Level 1):
Low impact shallow water exercise class focusing on cardio, balance, and strength. Perfect for those beginning an exercise program.

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NEW! Adult Beginner One-on-One Swim Lessons
Whether you’re looking to jump, slide, or simply dip your toe into swimming, Kristin Bolan – the JCC’s newest Aquatics instructor – is ready to help. Using a curriculum developed for beginner adults and her own experience after nearly a decade in aquatics, Kristin works at an individual’s unique pace to establish comfort, choice, and freedom of movement in the water.

1 session – $65
4 sessions – $250
8 sessions – $476
12 sessions – $681

Adult Stroke Refinement Lessons
Instructor Mark Cabellero, M.S. works with triathletes and swimmers looking to adjust their front crawl swim form. With his knowledge and experience, Mark will be able to help you prepare for your next event or improve your lap swim efficiency. His methods focus on breaking down the stroke to find you optimal swim form to decrease the risk of injury and enjoy more speed for the same energy output.

1 session – $65
4 sessions – $250
8 sessions – $476
12 sessions – $681

Please Note
Lesson packages expire after one calendar year and must be purchased prior to the first lesson. Lessons are scheduled based on an individual basis. Due to other programming, lessons may be limited during certain times of the day. All packages must be purchased through the Aquatics Office.

Questions about our adult aquatics programs?

Contact Kristen Schmalfeldt, Recreation & Aquatics Coordinator, at 414-967-8325.

Not a mermaid?

Complement your swim time with cardio, weights, and more once you dry off.

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Be a Sport

Join a league, drop in for open gym, or take a class and make a friend.

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Get Some "Me" Time

While you swim your laps or get in your reps, your kids will have their own fun.

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