Inclusive Swim Lesson Options

As a destination for community, we strive to ensure everyone feels included. That’s why we have taking steps to expand our swim options to ensure individuals of all abilities have access to learning about water safety and developing swim skills that last a lifetime.

Adaptive Aquatics
Designed for participants ages 4-18 years who identify as having a disability. Lessons are taught one-on-one with the instructor and focus on building comfort and proficiency in the water.

Program Coordinator, Kristen Schmalfeldt, and Special Needs Coordinator, Sarah McCutcheon, are both certified Swim Whisperers through the Swim Angelfish Adaptive Swim training program. The Adaptive Swim Whisperers® certification program teaches instructors how to assess and identify roadblocks for their pupils, and how to implement the correct strategy to overcome them.

This program accepts waivers. All lessons are ½ hour sessions scheduled once a week. Due to pool space, we may not be able to accommodate lessons Monday-Thursday 4:00 PM-6:00 PM. Lessons are scheduled based on instructor availability.

Adaptive (1 swimmer) and Co-adaptive (2 swimmers, siblings only) lessons are available. Fill out the form below to inquire about scheduling a private lesson.

NEW! American Sign Language (ASL) Swim Lessons
We’re proud to share that our staff of American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim instructors now includes a select few fluent in American Sign Language. Taught in our standard group setting, ASL fluent instructors are happy to incorporate sign language into their group lessons. These classes remain open to all group lesson participants and those interested in the ASL component can share that with the instructor on the first day of lessons, or contact Aquatics Director Dave Wage ahead of time.

Fall 2023 Swim Schedule will be available online by August 7. Complete the form below to learn more about available classes with an ASL fluent instructor.

Looking to schedule a lesson or learn more?

Contact Kristen Schmalfeldt, Program Coordinator, at 414-967-8325.

"I am very proud of my child, he is proud of himself and I am extremely thankful to our coach who applied skills to not only to teach kids with special needs but also to see above their needs and focus on their strengths and potential."

Program Parent


A supportive community

Through every age and stage, the JCC supports families and individuals throughout our community.

Swim Lessons

The JCC is proud to provide the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program to our whole community in the virtually chlorine-free Peck Aquatic Center.

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No matter your background, ability, or means, the J is a home for the entire community to enjoy inclusive wellness, high-quality education, and comprehensive social services.

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Inclusion Programs

The JCC offers specialized programs and resources for individuals with disabilities to enhance their self-esteem, independence, confidence, and social skills.

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