Welcome to the NEW jccmilwaukee!

Welcome to the NEW jccmilwaukee!

We’re taking on a fresh new look – but the change you’re seeing here is (hopefully!) more than aesthetic.  While we’re very proud of the new design, and think it better reflects the quality and diversity of the JCC community, we’re equally proud of the improved functionality and the deeper connection that can be made here between who we serve (you) and what we do (offer exceptional programs and inclusive experiences.)

At the top of the redesign list, built by the JCC marketing committee and a broad array of staff and volunteers, was an improved experience for both first time visitors and returning members and guests.  In short, we wanted to do a better job of telling our story and making it more available for everyone.  From the home page through each individual program area, we aspired to create a space that is clear, concise, and deeply connected to the meaningful ways in which you enjoy your JCC.

We paid particular attention to design and function on mobile and tablet devices; odds are one out of every two visitors are engaging with jccmilwaukee.org from a device that fits in a pocket.  And we invested significantly in making our program information (classes, events, performances) easier to find – on every relevant page, in the calendar, and in centrally located spaces.  There is also no shortage of great stories and moments that make every day at the J special; we hope this site will become a destination for learning more about what happens here, with you and because of you.

We do a lot at the JCC, every single day, and it’s no easy task to make that information available to so many different people, with so many unique needs and interests.  We think we’ve made a great deal of progress with this new design, but we’re always open to new ideas and suggestions. Send us an email and let us know what you think!

There’s no doubt that we’re living in an increasingly digital world, where the leading websites have become daily (hourly?) points of contact for sales, research, and even community building.  We have built a website that reminds us that the unique spirit of the JCC comes in those analog moments of friendship, learning, and shared values.  There’s no website that can do what we do in Whitefish Bay (or Milwaukee, or Mequon, or Fredonia, or Eagle River)  – but we hope this website does it a little bit more.