Tapestry: Arts & Ideas

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Welcome to TAPESTRY: Arts and Ideas at the JCC. We’ve long been aware that Jewish culture and arts, as well as Jewish books and ideas, are the common denominator of the Jewish people, and the backbone of a Jewish community. The arts tie us together. The arts provoke us. The arts help us express ourselves. The arts build community. Click on the categories below for more information on Tapestry programs.

Books and Ideas? We are, of course, the People of the Book — starting with our original book, the Torah. Reading, including reading between the lines, has made everything we read, no matter how ancient, fresh and new in every generation of the Jewish people. Books excite us and expose us to new worlds and new ideas.

Music? Even hundreds of years ago in Medieval Europe, music and musicians were part of every Jewish celebration and observance. Today, as well, music is such a large part of Jewish life.

Theater? Yes, of course. Even the silliest of Purim Shpiels (satirical Purim plays) have given us meaning and a sense of celebration. What a wealth of Jewish theater there is! Keep your eyes open for our partnerships with the various professional theaters here in Milwaukee, as well as new theatrical experiences at the JCC.

Art? From the stunning ritual art of Jewish communities to contemporary Jewish artists finding their own niche in today’s modern world, art has enriched us. With art from the Jewish Artists Laboratory, as well as from other Jewish artists here and internationally, there is so much to see at the JCC.

Cinema? Jews were key studio heads at the beginning of the Golden Age of movies here in America. Today, film plays an important part in expressing the spectrum of Jewish life. Here in Milwaukee we have the annual Jewish Film Festival, as well as series upon series of great film events exposing us to Jewish film and Jewish communities from around the world.

A Jewish community without the arts is unthinkable. We at the JCC are so proud to create a world of Jewish arts and culture right here at the JCC. We so look forward to enriching and expanding our arts programs here at the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center.

Suggestions? Let us know what you’d like to see and hear as part of our Tapestry programs. Join us as our Tapestry committee creates exciting new events. We’d love to hear from you!

Questions? Contact Jody Hirsh, 414-967-8199 or Mona Cohen 414-967-8249 to learn more.

Tapestry Chairs: Suzy Ettinger• Rusti Moffic • Dr. Steven Moffic