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So, why study Art History? We are excited this year to feature art historian Natanya Blanck in a series of classes and art tours right here in Milwaukee. Why study Art History? What can be more enthralling than studying some of the most interesting, beautiful, controversial, scandalous, and/or politically charged art ever created? Exhibits, gallery tours, art classes & discussions.... it’s all part of TapestryClick here for the Tapestry Brochure.

NEW Visual Arts Classes with MIAD Art History Associate Professor, Natanya Blanck

Know Art History & Enjoy Yourself! Why know art history? Because studying some of the most interesting, beautiful, controversial, scandalous, and/or political objects created by human kind is an essential tool to fully enjoy trips, museum visits, movies, books and conversations. And because, frankly, it is a lot of fun! Fall/Winter session focuses on Ancient Art and Middle Ages.  

Thursdays, Oct. 31, Nov. 14, Dec. 5 & 19, Jan. 9 at 1:30 PM - $90 * Member Value Fee: $60 - Click here to register online

The Joy of the Private: Touring Milwaukee's Home Art Collections Few activities can be more interesting than visiting art collectors' homes and viewing works of art that have been carefully chosen and displayed by the owners for their own pleasure. But due to the private nature of these collections, visits of this sort are relatively rare in the art world. Offered in conjunction with the Portrait Society Gallery. Enrollment is limited.  

Home of Tim & Sue Frautschi November 3, Home of Suzy Ettinger December 1 - Sundays at 2:00 PM - $18/session * Member Value Fee: $12/session - Click here to register online

The Impressionists: Masters of Color and Light When at an 1874 collective exhibit Claude Monet showed his "Impression: Sunrise," a critic named the whole group the "Impressionists." Little did he know that his term would stick and come to be associated with  artists like Renoir, Cassatt, and Monet, among others., whose short and colorful brushstrokes depicted beautiful sunlight landscapes and the leisurely life of upper class Parisians, as they ushered in a complete artistic revolution that for decades determined the course of the art  that followed.

Wednesdays (+ Thurs. 11/21 at MAM) * Nov. 6, 13, 20, 21 * 7:00 PM - $72 * Member Value Fee: $48 - Click here to register online


Art Center Open Clay Studio for Adults

Every other Friday • 11:00AM – 2:00PM


The Milwaukee Jewish Artists Laboratory Year III

Begins October 7 • 7:00PM


Questions? Contact Mona Cohen to learn more (414 )967-8249.

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