Water Park Rules & Regulations

All JCC members must present and swipe their JCC membership card upon check-in at the Water Park admissions desk.

Guest Privileges

The goal of the JCC Water Park is to serve its members. Guest privileges are offered as a service and convenience to JCC members. The Water Park Director may limit guest privileges if over-crowding conditions prevail.

1. All guests must be accompanied by a member of the JCC and must register at the admissions desk.

2. Each individual family member may bring up to two (2) guests at one time, with a maximum of four (4) people per family on a limited basis.

3. Guest fees are as follows: $8.00 per adult, $5.00 per youth, $20.00 per family (up to four per family).

4. Local guests are limited to 3 visits during the season, regardless with whom they come. Out-of-town guests (with address verification) are not subject to the 3-time visit limit. 

5. Babysitters will be allowed as part of the family. A babysitter card may be obtained at the membership office at the JCC. Babysitters must register at the admissions desk and are not limited to two visits for the summer.

6. Members are responsible for seeing that their guests abide by all Water Park rules and regulations.

7. Guests 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

8. All guests must have a signed JCC Guest Pass Usage Agreement on file within the last 12 months at the Water Park. Guests under the age of 18 must have a responsible adult sign the agreement.

9. Any special considerations to the above Rules & Regulations, should be reviewed with the JCC Water Park Director or the JCC Director of Sales and Membership.


1. Birthday parties will be held based upon availability. All inquiries for birthday parties are to be directed to the JCC's event coordinator, Sarah Vogds at 414-967-8283. Click here for party options.

2. Parents must see that their children observe all Water Park rules.

3. Smoking is prohibited.

4. Alcohol and controlled substances are prohibited.

Policies Regarding Food

1. Food service is limited to concessions.

2. Food available at the Water Park will adhere to the laws of Kashrut.

3. There will be a kosher meat grill for Water Park-sponsored events.

4. In accordance with all Wisconsin State laws, food will not be permitted on the pool deck.

5. All food must be purchased from the concession stand at the Water Park.

* There are NO carry-in's allowed.


1. Children may not loiter in shower or locker room areas. Horse playing will not be permitted.

2. All members and guests need to bring their own towels.

3. Parents may not bring children of the opposite sex who are six (6) years of age and older into the locker rooms.

4. Lockers are for day use only. Locks left on lockers overnight will be removed after 24 hours.

5. Smoking is prohibited in the bathhouse.

All Pools

1. Showers are mandatory before entering the pool(s).

2. No roughhousing in the water.

3. No running on deck.

4. Only Coast Guard-approved flotation devices are allowed.

5. Rafts, noodles, “floaties,” “swimmies” are not allowed unless posted.

6. A child who needs a flotation device should be within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian at all times.

7. Children not yet potty trained are required tobe in water-proof swim diapers and rubber pants.

8. Parents should report all “accidents” to the lifeguard immediately so that all necessary steps are taken to clean the water and provide a safe environment.

9. Parents are not to leave children in strollers unattended at any time.

Play works structure and the waterslides

1 Metal objects, glasses, jewelry, watches, etc., are not allowed.

2. Only one person is allowed on the slide at a time.

3. Standing, stopping, and sliding head first are not allowed.

4. Do not cross in front of another slide when exiting.

5. Floatation devices of any kind are not permitted on slides.

6. Move away from the bottom of the slide quickly.

Water walk (Lilly pad)

1. Swimmers must pass JCC swim test and wear swim band.

2. Enter at designated location. Wait for Lifeguard’s signal.

3. No jumping from the side in the water walk area.

4. Once a swimmer falls off they must exit the area by using the closest ladder.

5. No head first entries from any of the float pads.

Diving board

1. Swimmers must pass JCC swim test and wear swim band.

2. No diving from the side into diving well.

3. One person at a time on the ladder and board.

4. Wait for Lifeguard’s signal.

5. Dive must be executed in one bounce.

6. Control dive by not going toward Aqua Climb safety zone.

7. Stay in straight line from the end of the board.

8. No swimming in diving area unless the Lifeguard closes the diving board.

Aqua Climb

1. Swimmers must pass JCC swim test and wear swim band.

2. Aqua Climb is for experienced swimmers only.

3. Drop zone must remain clear of all swimmers at all times.

4. No diving. Feet first entries only.

5. Floatation devices are not allowed.

Lap swim

1. If more than two (2) swimmers are in the lap swim lane, swimmers are required to start a circle swim format.

Sand playground

1. Shower is required to re-enter the pool area.

2. No throwing of sand is permitted.

3. Covered-toe sandals or shoes are recommend.