The JCC is introducing Wired, a wearable heart rate technology that makes it easier than ever to get the fitness results you want. Using industry leading wireless technology to provide real time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, Wired ensures that you train at the right intensity based on your own body metrics.

Wired is for everyone who works out at the JCC

When you wear your Wired watch or chest strap, the system will find you automatically and allow you to visualize your body metrics on monitors located throughout our fitness facilities: Habush Fitness Center, strength training room, personal training studio, Marcus Gym, group exercise studios, and indoor cycling studio. You can utilize Wired technology during:

  • Self Workouts (Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, etc.)
    • Your heart rate and calorie burn tile follows you wherever you are in the facility
  • Group Exercise Classes
    • Maximize your workouts with instant feedback while enjoying the social setting of a group exercise class
  • One-on-One Personal Training
    • Effortlessly track your personal training sessions for results
  • Small Group Training
    • Compete with your peers while measuring your progress
  • Large Group Training
    • Team training with wired progress and motivation


Download the free Wired Mobile App and continue to track your progress no matter where you go with accurate and personalized reports.

Start tracking your progress and see results!

Heart rate training gives you accurate and personalized data to make your workouts more effective. The onscreen display lets you visualize your heart rate zones. Staying in the yellow/orange zone (70-90% of max heart rate) for more than half of your workout keeps metabolism elevated 12-36 hours post workout. This means you will still be burning calories long after your workout is over.


Purchase your WIRED Heart Rate Monitors today!

Mio Slice Fitness Watch $114  / WIRED Chest Strap $50

Special discounts available for new members and Afterburner participants.


For more information contact Katie Nickel, Fitness Director, at 414-967-8269 or knickel@jccmilwaukee.org. You can also stop in and speak with a member of our JCC Team to learn how Wired can improve your fitness experience.