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Poses with Moses for Passover!

By JCC Milwaukee March 26, 2021

From the JCC that brought you The 10 Planks... we’ve created some Poses with Moses! Passover begins the evening of March 27, and each year we are commanded to retell the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Yoga helps us explore the mind/body connection in relation to the asanas (poses). Use these postures as an additive element in your exercise routine during Passover.

Join our JCC Assistant Fitness Director, Ally Denton, as she leads us through poses that connect us with tradition and feel great! As always, we recommend you first consult with your doctor before attempting any sort of exercise program.

Pose 1: Pyramid Pose

This pose is similar to a Downward Dog pose, knees are hip-distance apart, curl the toes under. Walk the palms just out in front of the shoulders. Be sure the palms are flat. Lift the hips up high and straighten your legs. Keep toes pointed forward.

Pose 2: Burning Bush Pose

Start by standing tall. Then, shift your weight to your left leg and raise the right foot off the ground. Place the sole of your right foot on the inside of your left thigh, or calf. The toes should be pointing down and your pelvis should be completely straight. Raise arms and press palms together.

Pose 3: Frog Pose

Bend both legs, one at a time, until the knees are pointing to the ceiling and the calves come close to the back of the thighs. Bring arms to the front and press palms together.

Pose 4: Let My People Go Pose

From the top of the or middle of your mat, create a solid foundation, making sure to maintain the natural curve of the spine. Inhale to bring your arms out to the sides, then up toward the ceiling.

Pose 5: Red Sea Parting Pose

Keep your extended leg strong and straight. Draw your shoulders down, away from your ears. On your inhale, lengthen the side body. On your exhale, rotate the torso, reaching your heart and hand toward the ceiling. Make sure your knee isn’t bent past your ankle. Ground down through the outer edge of your back foot. There are a few variations for this one, listen to your body.

Poses 6: Table Pose or “Yoga Plank”

On all fours bring the shoulders over the wrists, palms spread. Press hands into the floor and firm the upper arms in towards each other. Draw the lower belly in and upwards. Then, extend one leg back with toes tucked. Then the other leg, for a high push-up position.

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover

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