jewish life

Milwaukee’s Jewish community is vibrant and diverse, and the JCC is right at the center of the action. Creating an inclusive Jewish gathering space means celebrating the values and traditions that unite us, rather than the differences that divide us. Classes, programs, and celebrations fill our calendar and make Jewish tradition, practice, and exploration accessible to all families of all backgrounds.

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pj library

PJ Library, a national program funded in part through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, offers free, high-quality Jewish books and music each month to children ages 6 months through 8 years. But PJ Library is so much more than books. Through local Family Engagement programs, the JCC makes PJ Library come to life for hundreds of Jewish and interfaith families in our community.

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The Jewish calendar is rich with variety and meaning. The JCC serves as a destination for a number of community celebrations, events, and programs throughout the year to experience Shabbat and holidays with your community. Learn more about each holiday through our Jewish Life blog posts.

Order holiday takeaway foods from Hannah’s Kitchen CAFA B Data. You’ll discover that the J is a destination for living Jewish life and traditions.

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Israel is a sovereign nation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. But for the Jewish people – it has always been more than geography. Israel is a promise, an ideal, a homeland, and a future. Today, for all its complexity and challenges, Israel remains a touchstone for modern Judaism – and the JCC is committed to deepening that connection. We fulfill this commitment through ongoing classes, special events, and guest speakers.

our values

Leading with our Jewish values, JCC leaders and team members strive to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. To achieve our vision of a community void of hatred, biases, and division, we commit to put these values into action.


All are made in the image of God


Welcoming all guests


Honor and respect



tikkun olam

Repairing the world


All are responsible for one another

Spark Jewish Connections

Be a part of our mishpacha (family) and stay connected to Jewish life in Milwaukee all year round.

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