our culture of


At the J, we are building a culture that understands philanthropy is not about asking people for money, it is about connecting people with opportunities to do something that makes them feel awesome. Because the word philanthropy comes from a Greek root that means “love of humankind.”

what brings you joy?

This is how we begin a conversation to identify the best way bring your dreams to life. Whether you are passionate about alleviating food insecurity in Milwaukee, caring for our most vulnerable populations, ensuring Jewish continuity, or any number of other ways in which you hope to make an impact, we are here to be your partner on that journey.

it’s a community effort

The J is more than a fitness facility, camps, school, or destination for arts and culture – it’s the result of a community coming together in a shared belief that we can build a stronger, healthier future.

We depend on our members and guests to choose the JCC for their programs and services – but we also depend just as much on the investment of businesses, foundations, and community organizations who believe in our mission and community.

From event sponsorship to program underwriters, we’re blessed by those organizations that choose the JCC as a destination for high-impact, highly accountable philanthropic investment. Our community is stronger when we’re working together.

your impact

You make a difference! Because of the investments made in our mission and programs – with time, talents, and assets – our community grows stronger and healthier together.

Our members, donors, and partners support the community through a diverse array of services: feeding the hungry at the Jewish Community Pantry, providing scholarships for early childhood education and camps, supporting families with respectful and meaningful specials needs programs, and ensuring that adults – of all ages – have access to dignified social services.

With flexibility and the highest of standards, the JCC remains a destination for high-impact, highly accountable investment. Our supporters expect nothing less, and our community deserves even more.


In scholarship funds allocated to help families access JCC programs


Pounds of produce harvested by adults with disabilities employed by the JCC


Served by the Jewish Community Pantry (22% increase over previous year)


Free rides provided each month to ensure adults with disabilities can access JCC programs