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Board of Directors

Representing our Community

The Board of Directors of the Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC is elected each year in June at the Annual Meeting. These directors represents the diversity of our members and community. We are grateful for their investments of time and thought-leadership to support the strategic initiatives of the agency.


Ryan O’Desky, Chair of the Board
Alexandra Goldman Rose, Secretary/Treasurer
Steven Arenzon, Vice Chair
Lori Craig, Vice Chair
David Cohn, Vice Chair
Michele Ellner, Vice Chair
Reenie Kavalar, Vice Chair
Nancy Kennedy Barnett, Immediate Past Chair


Joel Aizen
Melissa Barnett
Lauren Blumenthal
Ricardo Diaz
Stephanie Dykeman
Elizabeth Goldstein
Leo Kleiner
Andy Komisar
Jason Levin
James Madlom
David Marks
Thad Nation
Ronna Bromberg Pachefsky
Mikhail Palatnik
Julie Rosenfeld
Sheryl Rubin
Eliot Scheuer
Kevin Sucher
Lina Dreyfus Wallace
David Wasserman
Jonathan Wertz


William Appel*
Julius Atkins*
Nancy Kennedy Barnett
Warren Blumenthal
Stuart Brafman
Irvin Charne*
Jane Gellman
Judy Guten
Mark Jubelirer
Joseph Kasle
Moshe Katz
Todd Lappin*
Edward A. Miller*
James Miller
Armin Nankin
Robert Riches*
Esther Leah Ritz*
Merton Rotter*
Alicia Sadoff
Marsha Sehler
Bernard Solocheck*
Susan Strait
Nathan Wahlberg*
Herman Weingrod*
James Zucker*

* Of Blessed Memory

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