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How To Get Through a Global Pandemic? Just Keep Swimming!

By JCC Milwaukee June 30, 2021
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In the early days of re-opening the JCC’s doors, aquatics quickly became one of the most popular programs—after all, lap swimming was not an activity that members could enjoy from their homes. In the midst of a pandemic, our JCC members found that the pool offered respite and rejuvenation when there was little to be found elsewhere.

For Sarah Mann, swimming at the JCC was core to her health and wellbeing during this challenging year.

“This extremely challenging time (during the COVID shutdown) has been so incredibly wearing,” Sarah shared, “yet the staff has prioritized thoughtfulness, flexibility, and above all, safety in meeting the demands of the members. Everyone is always so pleasant and accommodating. I’m just so grateful that I have my ‘safe space’ to relax and rejuvenate.” She emphasized that during the winter months, when opportunities for health and wellbeing diminished, “I’m glad that the J is there for me!”

Like Sarah, other JCC aquatics users expressed the loss they felt when swimming was no longer an option for them. Another swimmer shared her devastation when the JCC was closed. “The JCC is my outlet, my therapy, my salvation,” she said. “It is the place I go to do something for me. I felt an emptiness not having the option to go to the JCC.” Reflecting on the experience of returning to the pool, this swimmer acknowledged, “My whole mental and physical being is complete again.”

Upon re-opening our doors in June 2020, the JCC aquatics program saw an average of 65 swimmers per day. Today, that number has grown to an average of 100 swimmers in the pool each day. The aquatics team is thrilled to provide our members with a space that supports both physical and mental wellbeing.

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