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Making New Friends with Chaverim

By JCC Milwaukee August 4, 2020

The Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC’s Chaverim program serves adults with disabilities, offering social, educational, and recreational programming so that they feel less isolated and more a part of our community. Chaverim is the Hebrew word for friends. Part of the program provides regular opportunities to visit arts and culture events, and dine at local restaurants.

Earlier this year, the Chaverim traveled to nearby hibachi restaurant Samurai. Group leader Sarah McCutcheon, along with about 30 Chaverim members, were enjoying their dinner and hibachi “show,” talking and laughing as a group, when the hostess approached them. She asked Sarah if she was in charge, and when Sarah said that she was, informed her that someone up front wanted to speak to her. Sarah walked to the front to find a man and woman who had just finished their meal. The gentleman began asking questions about this large dinner group, and Sarah explained that they were from the JCC, and that Chaverim served adults with a range of varying disabilities.

“That’s what I hoped you would say,” the man answered. He expressed how happy he was to see people with disabilities out in the community enjoying a meal, and that the world needed more programs like Chaverim. This generous man let Sarah know that the Chaverim dinner bill was covered. Chaverim made two more unexpected friends that evening!