The small pool in the Peck Aquatic Center will be closed for the remainder of the day (6/21). The large pool will remain open. Check the My J App for the Pool Schedules.

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Our Communications & Resources

By JCC Milwaukee March 13, 2020

We have a wide array of communication tools, external resources, and unique expertise that we will leverage to make the best possible decisions – and keep you updated in a timely and transparent manner.

The JCC’s Commitment to You

We will commit to communicating in a timely and transparent manner, as we aspire to do every day you choose the JCC as a destination for your family. Our communications will be based on the following:

Factual information and data provided by subject matter experts, government agencies, and official notices. We will not participate in online or social speculation, nor will we intentionally increase anxiety or conjecture.

Any program or service area cancellation will be shared via email to affected members, shared on, and posted on the JCC’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.)
We will specifically rely on the expertise and leadership of the following resources or agencies:

How We Can Work Together

It’s natural to seek out – and share – information on topics that of concern to you and your family. As we navigate these circumstances together, consider:

Being mindful of the source of information; while social media is a powerful aspect of our society – know the source of information you’re consuming, be thoughtful before sharing or posting, and be considerate of audiences when sharing information that might be untrue or cause concern.
Providing your family with age-appropriate resources. For parents and families with young children, we recommend:

Reaching out to us; this is what we do every day, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss, share, and learn together.