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Our Spaces

By JCC Milwaukee March 13, 2020
outdoor view of the Soref Education Wing courtyard

From Milwaukee to Eagle River – with stops in Mequon, Fredonia, Glendale, and beyond – the JCC is more than one place. Every one of those spaces is professionally managed with the highest level of care and maintenance.

The JCC’s Commitment to You
Our spaces are managed by professional staff uniquely trained in their expertise areas. From our teachers to our personal trainers, our administrative leaders to our seasonal staff, every member of the JCC team has received training on our building procedures, and holds the requisite training or certification for their service area.

We are blessed to employ a full time building services crew that maintains and cleans the building every minute we’re open to the community. Our program team (fitness, aquatics, early childhood, and beyond) additionally inspect and clean their working areas throughout the day. At the close of each business day, a professional cleaning vendor deploys a team to our facilities for a deeper cleaning.

We have added additional hand sanitizers throughout our buildings, and will continue to review our building procedures and readiness – just as we do every day. We have ensured that our cleaning products, procedures, and resources meet – or exceed – industry standards.

How We Can Work Together
Our spaces are heavily used and deeply loved by our members, and while our staff are well trained to keep the JCC open and ready for guests, you can do your part to ensure community health in the following ways: