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Campaign For A Strong JCC Indeed Proves We Are “For Each Other”

By JCC Milwaukee June 30, 2021

Like many JCCs across North America, the Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC relies on four primary revenue drivers for sustainability: Fitness, Early Childhood Education, Camping, and Financial Resource Development (FRD)—contributed revenue. So, when COVID-19 changed our operations—including the suspension of our overnight camping program in summer 2020—three of those four “legs” of the JCC felt a heavy impact; and that fourth FRD leg needed to become stronger than ever.

When challenges come along, disrupting a smooth and steady path towards success, it is easy to dwell in a chasm of scarcity. The tougher choice is to choose abundance—to look towards the future with hope and gratitude. But in the early months of the 2021 fiscal year, the professional and lay leaders of the JCC very intentionally moved forward with the abundant notion that we could turn to our community, share our story, and raise $1 million to strengthen our agency during a time of dire need.

With 12 Past Chairs of the Board of Directors engaged as Campaign Chairs—and a Campaign Planning Committee comprising staff, lay leaders and community volunteers—we worked over six weeks to lay out a fundraising campaign that was transparent, optimistic, and personal.

On October 26, we formally announced our $1 million Campaign For A Strong JCC: For Today. For Tomorrow. For Each Other. JCC Board Chair Nancy Kennedy Barnett and President & CEO Mark Shapiro shared the story of how the pandemic impacted our programs, and how we intended to move forward with the community’s support.

Through multiple channels—including touching video storytelling—we endeavored to encourage general operational investment while also allowing for the type of programmatic support that inspires many donors to give. As we approached another virtual KidShare in May 2021, we tied that annual special event thematically to the Campaign with “For Generations,” sharing stories of generations of JCC families impacted by our array of programs.

Throughout our past year, it seemed as though the entire community was “For the JCC.” We have been overwhelmed with gratitude.
More than eight months have passed since we first announced our great need to the community. We are pleased and honored to share that our Campaign For A Strong JCC has indeed achieved its ambitious $1 million goal! Many thanks to all of you who stepped up with your support during this uncertain time.

Chazak chazak v’nitchazeik: Be strong, be strong, and together, may we all be strengthened.

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