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Innovating Our Service to Better Serve You

By JCC Milwaukee July 21, 2023

We Are Ready to Launch Traction Rec on Monday, July 24!

This initial launch will primarily focus on the transition of all JCC membership accounts from our legacy database to Traction Rec, an application built natively on the Salesforce platform for managing the day-to-day operational needs of community and recreation centers. Credit card and ACH payments currently attached to JCC Membership accounts will be encrypted and transferred to our new payment processor automatically on Monday as well.

Our staff have been training and preparing for this launch for months, but as with any large-scale technology transition, there have been some unexpected challenges along the way. One of these challenges impacts facility access procedures for the first 60-90 days after launch in the spaces where we have turnstiles installed. We have worked to provide a solution to this challenge that allows us to maintain our security standards with only a limited impact on member experience. See details below on the aspects of this transition that will be visible to our members and guests starting on Monday. For full details on the JCC’s larger technology transition in the coming months, please read our previous communication here.


Beginning on Monday, July 24, the two entrances on the Karl Campus in Whitefish Bay which utilize turnstiles (Peck/North Entrance & Marcus/West Entrance) will require members to scan their membership key fob twice as they enter the facility – first at the desk before a second scan at the turnstile. We expect this practice to remain in place for 60-90 days, after which we will be able to return to a single scan at the turnstile only.

In addition, we will be requiring all JCC members ages 9 and older to update their security photo on file on their first visit to the Peck/North Entrance, the Marcus/West Entrance, or the Hy & Richard Smith JCC Water Park. Gan Ami families will receive a separate communication regarding photo updates at their entrances.

We ask that you arrive a few minutes early on your first post-launch visit to make sure we can update your photo for security purposes.

We know many of you will likely be taking these new photos on your way to a workout or ready for a day at the pool. As a reminder, member photos are required for security and need not be glamour shots. After this initial photo is taken and added to your account profile, you are welcome to return another day and request a retake, if you like.

This first step in our overall technology transition will primarily impact staff operations, and JCC staff will be doing everything possible to minimize disruption for our members and guests. We ask that you continue to treat our staff and each other with kindness and patience in the days and weeks ahead as we work to create a customer-focused, data-driven culture that will allow us to better understand and deliver services that meet member and community needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Membership Team, if you have any questions or concerns along the way.