Making the J accessible for everyone

Programs, camps, and membership aren’t just available to everyone because we can do so. It’s available because it’s part of who we are.

A group of people putting their hands together in a circle.

Help us to live our values by joining our community

We work together to build a JCC that is inclusive to all, founded upon the belief that we are stronger when everyone has access to our programs, services, and opportunities to grow. That’s what community wellness is all about.

No matter your background, ability, or means – the J is home for the entire community to enjoy inclusive wellness, high-quality education, and comprehensive social services.

We are blessed to be stewards of our community’s scholarship funds and take seriously our responsibility to make these funds available to all who may need scholarship assistance. When every member of the community can participate in our programs, our community becomes much more than the sum of its members.


You will be required to submit the following with your application for scholarship:

  • Copy of 1040 tax return (most current).
  • Social Security verification letter (if applicable).
  • General assistance or food stamp documentation (if applicable).
  • Registration form and deposit for camps, early childhood, or after school program, as applicable.
  • Additional documentation may be requested.

Applications will not be considered without financial documents. All materials are kept in strict confidence.