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Stories from the 2022-23 Annual Report

By JCC Milwaukee June 21, 2023
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What is the most important component of an Annual Report? Some might guess a report of the financials would be the headline story. Others may look at charts and graphs to decipher progress. But we feel the best way to celebrate our fiscal year as it comes to a close is to tell the stories of how our community, members, staff, and volunteers came together. We invite you to read the stories linked below!

The Children of Willesden Lane is a Highlight of the Tapestry Season
The Children of Willesden Lane, a Tapestry performance sponsored by the Libby Temkin Endowment, leaves a profound impact on the community, showcasing resilience during WWII. READ MORE.

PJ Library Inspires Jewish Moments in Successful Year of Programs
Look back at the joy and connection of PJ Library at the JCC, where Jewish families came together for engaging programs, holiday celebrations, and meaningful community-building moments. READ MORE.

From Afghanistan to Fredonia: How Two Little Boys Experienced Their First Summer at JCC Rainbow Day Camp
After this Afghan family resettled in Milwaukee, JCC Rainbow Day Camp provided their children with a summer full of new friends and memorable experiences. Their children, Mohammed and Mufasa, look forward to attending camp for a second summer! READ MORE.

Marsha’s Book Nook: Honoring a Friend & Serving the Community
Marsha Denny (Z”L), a retired teacher known for her adventurous spirit and commitment to volunteerism, is honored through Marsha’s Book Nook. This community project provides a space with diverse books at the Pantry, reflecting her love for education. READ MORE.

The Real Dill: Pickleball is Here to Stay
The pickleball hype is real at the JCC! Players of all levels come together to enjoy America’s fastest growing sport. Join the community, bond over games, and get ready for exciting tournaments! READ MORE.

Gan Ami Mequon Continues to Grow
The remarkable journey of Gan Ami Early Childhood Education in Mequon, from its humble beginnings to a thriving center, thanks to the vision and support of Linda and Fred Wein. READ MORE.

Edith Riesz’s New JCC Journey
Discover the heartwarming story of Edith Reisz, a retired JCC employee who found a second family and vibrant connections through Senior Adult Programs. Her journey is one of friendship and fulfillment. READ MORE.

Wellness 360: One Year Later
Another year of fostering inclusion and creating meaningful opportunities for personal growth and independence. Wellness 360 is a comprehensive program empowering individuals with disabilities through fitness, education, socialization, and community engagement. READ MORE.

CAFA B DATA Returns to Main Street
The vibrant revival of Hannah’s Kitchen CAFĀ B DATA on Main Street! Now offering delicious kosher meals for our entire community. READ MORE.

Community Leaders Choose Abundance
The JCC’s commitment to cultivating a culture of philanthropy was highlighted at the “Choose Abundance” Culture of Philanthropy Symposium. Wisconsin Jewish communal leaders gathered to share best practices and embrace a common language, inspired by the JCC’s success in creating a transformative impact through the power of giving. READ MORE.